Cornerstone provides fully integrated advisory services to buyers, sellers and management of middle market companies across a broad range of industries between $1 million and $100+ million in revenues, as well as an EBITDA of $500,000 to $10 million.

We only employ senior level consultants to ensure the same level of professionalism and counsel offered by larger investment banks to major public companies. To ensure you of the highest level of services and competitive advantage, each of our consultants only service 5 transactions at once.

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  1. Establishing client goals
  2. Valuing the business to set clear expectations
  3. Researching for hundreds of hours
  4. Preparing the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  5. Screening for potential buyers
  6. Structuring, negotiating and closing
  1. Establishing Client Goals
    Through preliminary and confidential meetings with you, we will clearly understand your desires and needs. Coupled with a realistic assessment of the business and its requirements and prospects, this understanding will help determine the best strategic course of action.

  2. Valuing the Business
    Proper valuation of a business’s real value requires an extensive investigation of the business and assessment of its future within the context of its industry, distinctive capabilities, and general economic climate. We will prepare an Estimate of Value (EOV), which helps owners and management understand the realistic value of their business.

  3. Preparing the CIM
    Cornerstone works with the client and their advisors to prepare the CIM and Executive Summary to provide a prospective purchaser with information on the business. The Executive Summary provides preliminary information about the business without revealing the client’s name or any proprietary information.
    Once a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement have been signed by an interested party, Cornerstone then releases the CIM that provides a more detailed view of the business history, products and services, management, industry, financial status and future outlook.
    Since CIMs are confidential documents, they are only provided to screened, capable and serious prospective buyers that have executed confidentiality agreements prior to their receipt.

  4. Screening For Potential Buyers
    While owners and management are generally well aware of their businesses direct competitors, these firms are usually not the most suitable buyers. The identification and screening of potential synergistic, management and financial buyers requires a wide range of resources. Cornerstone is in regular contact with members of the investment banking community, as well as a wide variety of individual investors, venture capitalists, private equity groups, foreign and domestic private and public companies.

  5. Structuring, Negotiating and Closing
    Structuring and negotiating are often the most complex and sensitive phases of the selling process. Buyers and sellers often have diverse financial objectives and strong emotional involvement. Our professionals have the experience and diligence required to keep negotiations progressing, no matter how complex or heated they become.
    Acting as an intermediary during often sensitive negotiations, Cornerstone can devise a strategic and structure to maximize benefits for its clients within the buyer’s constraints. We assume overall responsibility for seeing that all details of that closing, including the buyer’s due diligence, proceed on a timely basis.