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We Have Offices in Wisconsin & Iowa

Green Bay – Corporate Office

200 South Washington Street, Suite 205
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: 920-436-9890
Fax: 920-436-9894

Scott Bushkie; President

Brad Kirkpatrick; Managing Director – Iowa

Erica Gilson; Stakeholder Relations Manager

Amy LaSala; Executive Assistant, Market Analyst

Jon Fawcett; Director of Digital Branding

Anna Vazquez; Receptionist

Rodney Ott; M&A Advisor

Jason Tuzinkewich; M&A Advisor

John P. Kelly; M&A Advisor

Dick Rasmussen; M&A Advisor

Jeff Kelling; M&A Advisor

Jason Muenster; M&A Advisor

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Cornerstone Business Services